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    Haave is our product label. Visit the Haave website:

We design products!

We search for surprising details, sophisticated compositions in color and material.

We read between the lines to discover pearls and translate them into functional objects.

We have technical skills as well as craftsmanship.

We think from detail to overview or the other way around.


Don't hesitate to contact us to work with us,

We make it work!

Scheublin & Lindeman is the design studio of Lotty Lindeman and Wouter Scheublin.


We have been working individually from a shared studio since 2006. The refined work of Lotty Lindeman shows a dialogue between man and object while Wouter Scheublin's work shows a fascination for construction and mechanics.

Since 2015 Lotty Lindeman and Wouter Scheublin have joined their qualities in one design studio.


In 2017 we founded the new product label Haave, housing a collection of our own designs.


Scheublin & Lindeman works for a diversity of clients in concept, design and product development of special projects as well as serial produced products.

Haave is our product label we launched in 2017


A label with premium products with a sophisticated identity.

A refined choice of color and material.

Functional objects with character which make your living environment dynamic  and playfull.


The designs are made in relatively small series or they can be made to order in a custom color combination.



We are makers; our designs often have a simple and minimalistic look but show  a refined eye for detail and craftsmanship.

In our workspace, based  in Eindhoven we have the facilities to work with various materials. We can make prototypes, specials and small series in house.

We have experience in designing for industrial production processes in the wood, metal, plastics and textile industry.

We have worked with many companies from our own studio as well as in product development for other parties and have a broad knowledge of production possibilities from raw material to finishing techniques.

We have the skills to work with 2D and 3D software to communicate with the industry standard and can offer to develop products entirely in house from concept to technical drawings.



We like to work for labels, to think from a production perspective and build with a label on a vision and a collection.


We like to work on special projects for the industry, organisations and private clients.


We like to work together with other disciplines so we can create together more than the individual and contribute our specialism to a bigger project.

Scheublin & Lindeman

Halvemaanstraat 26

5651 BP Eindhoven

The Netherlands

Lotty Lindeman

+31 6 26942614


Wouter Scheublin

+31 6 45098416

email: info@scheublinlindeman.nl

Scheublin & Lindeman

Halvemaanstraat 26

5651BP Eindhoven

The Netherlands

Lotty Lindeman

+31 6 26942614


Wouter Scheublin

+31 6 45098416